FAQ: When In Tulip In Garven Gardens?

How much does it cost to go to Garvan Woodland Gardens?

Adults are 15 dollars a person, parking is free. Golf cart rides are available for a fee.

How many acres is Garvan Gardens?

We are the 210- acre botanical garden of the University of Arkansas located on the shores of beautiful Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

How long does it take to walk Garvan Woodland Gardens?

The main garden trail is under two miles, so allow about 1-2 hours depending on how fast you walk. There are over 5 miles of trails on our 210 acre peninsula, and walking that in the summer heat would take a lot longer.

What is blooming at Garvan Gardens?

Daffodils are among the first of the spring flowers to bloom at Garvan Woodland Gardens. The display starts with blooming crocus, daffodils and hyacinths, followed closely by more than 150,000 Dutch tulips in brilliant hues. Spring annuals, dogwoods and azaleas also will bloom in the coming months.

How much is a wedding at Garvan Gardens?

$1000 Includes the Evans Celebration Garden for the wedding ceremony, Millsap Bride’s Hall for the reception, and one-hour rehearsal. * All rental fees include 10 tables and 100 chairs (including set up and break down) and admission to the Gardens for invited guests.

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When did Garvan Gardens open?

The facility and gardens themselves were officially opened to the public with a dedication ceremony on April 7, 2002.

What can you do at Garvan Woodland Gardens?

  • Anthony Chapel Complex. Anthony Chapel Complex includes a meditation garden and four structures.
  • Pratt Welcome Center.
  • Garden Of The Pine Wind.
  • Joy Manning Scott Bridge Of The Full Moon.
  • Evans Children’s Adventure Garden.
  • The Bob And Sunny Evans Tree House.
  • Garvan Pavilion.
  • Sugg Model Train Garden.

Can you bring food into Garvan Gardens?

Did you know that visitors can bring food and drinks into the gardens and have picnics? We didn’t! So, earlier this summer, Little Rock Family took a day trip to Hot Springs and toured Garvan Woodland Gardens.

Are dogs allowed in Garvan Woodland Gardens?

One dog per person* and dogs must remain leashed at all times and places in the Gardens. Retractable leashes are not allowed. Water is available at the dog fountain in front of the Welcome Center, at the Pavilion and Perry Point Restrooms and at the Chipmunk Café. Dogs are not permitted during Holiday Lights.

How many miles is Garvan Gardens?

Garvan Woodland Gardens is an example of The Natural State at its best: a canopy of pines reaching skyward providing protection for delicate flora and fauna, gentle lapping waves that unfold along the 4 ½ miles of wooded shoreline, and rocky inclines that remind us of the surrounding Ouachita Mountains.

Are the tulips blooming at Garvan Woodland Gardens?

Please check the Gardens Facebook page for updated photos as they become available. Daffodils and Tulips should be blooming in late February, March and early April in 2021.

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January 1 – 31 Japanese camellias, winter flowering bulbs
March 1 – 15 Daffodils, early spring bulbs including tulips, Japanese camellias


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