Often asked: How To Use Tulip Crimps For Leather Cord?

How do you seal a cord end?

Quick Tip: Burning end of cord

  1. Cut cord with a sharp knife or scissors. You want a clean cut.
  2. Apply lighter to end of cord.
  3. Melt the end a bit.
  4. You may have to gently use your fingers to twist/push together cord to make a seal.
  5. Let the end cool off.
  6. Done! Your cord is less likely to fray/will no longer be frayed.

How do you crimp a bead?

Place the crimp in the first notch of the pliers so the “V” is on it’s side in the notch. Squeeze the pliers until the crimp bead has fully collapsed forming a smaller tube. Remove the crimp from the pliers then pull on one end of the beading wire to make sure the crimp is secure.

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