Often asked: Why Should I Work With You Tulip Harry Potter?

Why should I trust you in Harry Potter?

Why should I trust you? – I can help you. – We’re after the same thing. – I always follow the rules.

Does Tulip betray you Hogwarts mystery?

During her early years at Hogwarts, Tulip was left incredibly guilt-ridden over the fact that she selfishly betrayed her then best and only friend, Merula, in their shared pursuit of the Cursed Vaults.

Who is tulips accomplice?

Tulip will finally open up to you and you’ll learn that her accomplice is none other than Merula Snyde. After talking some more, you’ll get the next task to meet with her in the Courtyard. There is a waiting period of eight hours before you can continue.

How do we get Merula’s key answer?

After approaching and talking to her for a while, you’ll have to duel her in order to obtain her key. Tap on the crossed wands icon to continue. In the duel window, you will be able to see the recommended attribute levels as well as the gold cost of each attempt. Merula’s behavior is pretty predictable.

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Why do you break the rules Harry Potter?

It was to stop Malfoy from being a jerk. Harry received punishment right from the first year. He was given detention where he had to go to the forbidden forest. Snape always made sure Harry was punish for breaking any rules.

What is the scrubbing spell?

The Scouring Charm (Scourgify) was a cleaning charm used to make an object clean. It could also be used to clean out smaller infestations of bundimun. This spell was listed in the third chapter of Book of Spells by Miranda Goshawk.

What happens to Merula Snyde?

As a result, Merula was punished by being forced to maintain Snape’s storeroom for the rest of the year for attempting to frame Jacob’s sibling. Merula was last seen by Jacob’s sibling in Flying Class, where she sarcastically asked how their friends are doing after a failed excursion into the Vault of Ice.

What does the most damage Tulip Hogwarts mystery?

What does the most damage? – Trick Wands. – Fanged Frisbees.

Who was I friends with before tulip?

Q. Who was I friends with before? – Merula.

Who was tulip on masked dancer?

And in third place was Tulip, who was revealed to be Mackenzie Ziegler (“ Dance Moms”).

Where do Tulip Karasu parents work?

Tulip Karasu’s father was a wizard who worked at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement in the British Ministry of Magic.

What is Tulip surname?

The distinguished surname Tulip is thought to have first emerged in the borderlands between Scotland and England. The name is derived from the Latin “tulipa,” meaning ” tulip,” and was most likely first borne by a grower or seller of tulips.

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What happens if you give Merula the Frog Choir spot?

Once you win, you ‘ll be rewarded with some experience points and a very sad face of Merula Snyde. In case you gave her a present during the Christmas Holidays adventure, your character will reference it here. She’ll explain why she loves singing so much.

What incantation changes a person’s hair color?

Crinus Muto was the incantation of a transfiguration spell that could be used to transform the colour and style of the caster’s hair.

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