Question: Tulip Duct Tape How To?

How do you make a duct tape flower pen?


  1. Cover your pen in Duck Tape ® lengthwise by rolling the pen across the tape sticky side up.
  2. To make your petals, cut several strips of 2 in.
  3. Take the other edge and fold it over, leaving only the bottom of the strip sticky.
  4. Wrap the petal tightly around the top of the stem.

What can you make out of duct tape when your bored?

33 Cool Duct Tape Crafts Projects

  • DIY Chic Duct Tape Hammock Tutorial. 101ducttapecrafts.
  • Duct Tape Batman Mask. instructables.
  • Duct Tape Picture Frame.
  • Duct Tape Mini Purse (With a Bow)
  • Flourescent Feather Duct Tape Earrings.
  • DIY Duct Tape Soda Can Tab Bracelet.
  • No Sew Duct Tape iPhone Case.
  • Duct Tape Key Wristlet.

How do you make a duct tape heart?


  1. Create a piece of Duck Tape ® fabric to your desired size.
  2. Draw or trace a heart on the Duck Tape ® fabric.
  3. Cut out the heart using your scissors.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 so you have 2 identical hearts.
  5. Place the hearts on top of each other and use small pieces of Duck Tape ® to attach them.
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How do you make a duct tape flower without a stem?

Make a Duct Tape Rose ( Without a Stem )

  1. Choose the colors you want!
  2. Cut off about 1.5 to 2 inches.
  3. Fold a corner over.
  4. Fold the other corner over until their is a little triangle on the top and some sticky at the bottom.
  5. Make around 20.
  6. Choose the one you want to be the center.
  7. Roll it up so that is looks like this.
  8. Apply the petals like so.

How do you make a simple duct tape wallet?

  1. Step 1: Build the main body of the wallet. First, tear off 4 strips of duct tape that are 9 inches long.
  2. Step 2: Make one large credit card pocket. Tear off two 5 inch strips and layer them.
  3. Step 3: Make two smaller credit card pockets.
  4. Step 4: Assemble the pockets.
  5. Step 5: Assemble the wallet.

What is the use of duct tape in survival kit?

If someone is acting up during a survival emergency, you can duct tape their hands together around a tree to prevent them from becoming a danger to themselves or others. 10. Mend shoes and clothing. You can skip the sewing class, if you have enough duct tape.

Why you should carry duct tape?

Duct tape is one of the most useful things on the planet. It can be used to secure, repair, or build in ways that other materials such as rope, glue, or conventional tape cannot. Unfortunately, while convenient to use, duct tape is very inconvenient to carry around.

What cool things can you make with household items?

Top 10 Awesome Things You Can Do With Household Objects

  • Growing Soap To More Than Ten Times Its Size.
  • Using A Newspaper As A Self-Defense Weapon.
  • Turning Playing Cards Into Ninja Stars.
  • Making a Light Show Out Of Steel Wool.
  • Making A Bulletproof Vest Out Of Sawdust.
  • Using A Pencil As A Light.
  • Turning Lemons Into An LED.
  • Using A Penny To Harness Electricity.
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What is duct tape art?

Tape art is an artwork created with adhesive tape such as duct tape or packing tape. Tape can be used to produce a “stained glass” effect when applied to glass or plastic which is lit from behind.

How do you make a duct tape purse for a beginner?


  1. Cover a rectangle of fabric with overlapping strips of duct tape.
  2. Flip the sheet over and trim off the excess tape on the edges.
  3. Fold the rectangle in half widthwise and tape up the sides.
  4. Tuck the bottom corners into the bag.
  5. Secure the tucked corners with a long strip of duct tape.

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