Quick Answer: Dragonvale Which Dragon Tulip?

How do you get a tulip dragon in DragonVale?

Breeding. The Tulip Dragon can be bred by using a Sixth Monolith Dragon and a Flower Dragon, in either order, at the Breeding Cave/Epic Breeding Island.

What is the rarest dragon in DragonVale?

Rainbow Dragon Breeding Guide Rarest Dragon in DragonVale, Dragon Rainbow. This is the rarest dragon of them. in DragonVale! Dragon Rainbow is known to be difficult to breed, but with rainbow dragon breeders from many of our writers and players it’s not hard to get with the right technique.

What is the strongest dragon in DragonVale?

The kaiju dragon is the strongest known dragon in all the vale.

What is the coolest dragon in DragonVale?

Top Ten DragonVale Dragons

  1. Rainbow Dragon. I got this dragon after I got my Double rainbow.
  2. Leap Year Dragon. For sure it is the rarest you can only get it on a leap year.
  3. Panlong Dragon.
  4. Firework Dragon.
  5. Sun Dragon.
  6. Gold Dragon.
  7. Dawn Dragon.
  8. Bone Dragon.
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What is hidden in the Rift Dragonvale?

Wiki Targeted (Games) Miasmic Ether is found within the Rift Dimension. Miasmic Ether has to be cleared to gain access to certain buildings and rift habitat spots. Buildings hidden within the Miasmic Ether are the Rift Breeding Cave, Rift Hibernation Cave, and the Transfiguration Tower.

What is the hardest dragon to get on Dragonvale?

Dream dragon is the hardest dragon to get, even with the coop breeding cave.

What is the rarest egg in Dragonvale?

Mechanics. The Rare Egg of Mystery is a purchasable object from the “Dragons” section of the Rift Market that allows the player to obtain a random rare dragon from among any rare dragon in the game. If the random dragon is already owned by the player, a twin version is received instead.

What is the max level for Dragons in Dragonvale?

Currently, the game has a max park level of 140, and there is a total dragon count of 619 (204 elemental dragons, 265 special dragons, and 262 epic dragons ), decoration count of 479, and an island count of 29.

What dragons do you breed to get a legendary dragon?

Share. The Legendary Dragon is a special dragon with a very special element called Legend Element. Once you get a pure dragon, you can use it to breed pure hybrid dragons. Pure + Pure is the best breeding combination to breed the legendary dragon Dragon City.

Is it possible to get every dragon in Dragonvale?

It’s possible. Just unlikely. Some events have fill-in-the-blank dragon prizes, and the relatively new daily reward also has fill-in-the-blanks, as well as the wishes. It can be done!

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Are dragons Kaiju?

The Dragon (竜 Ryū) is a kaiju that first appeared in the 1987 Toho fantasy film, Princess from the Moon.

What is the best thing to spend your wish on in Dragonvale?

If you wish for an island, choose late game island, if u choose a dragon make it Chromacorn or Corrupticorn and if u choose a building do relic or monument of the epics, and omnitats are an ok decision, it really depends on your wants or needs in game.

How do you breed the best dragon in Dragonvale?

In order to breed dragons, you will need to have unlocked the Breeding Island or Breeding Cave. This is where you can send two dragons to breed and produce an egg. The egg will need to incubate for a certain amount of time before it hatches, depending on the breed the egg contains. Select two dragons to breed.

What is the best rare dragon in Dragon City?

Top 10 strongest Legend dragons

  • Pure Titan Damage:8,750.
  • Golden Jupiter Damage:8,450.
  • Durian Damage:8,450.
  • Usurper Vampire Damage:8,350.
  • Fae-Fatal Damage:8,300.
  • Onigiri Damage:8,300.
  • Big Heart Damage:8,250.
  • Impervious Diamond Damage:8,000.

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