Quick Answer: Who Voices Tulip In Infinity Train?

What happened to Tulip in Infinity train?

Tulip is a former passenger on the Infinity Train, searching for a way home with One-One and Atticus, until the Season One finale episode “The Engine,” where she returns back home after bidding her friends farewell.

Why was Infinity train Cancelled?

In August 2020, Dennis stated that, although he wanted to continue the series for a total of eight seasons, most of the crew had been laid off and that the series was at risk of not being renewed for a fifth season, Dennis suggested that HBO Max might be concerned that the series’ stories and themes were too dark and

Is Infinity train Cancelled?

After Infinity Train landed on HBO Max for a third season, there were rumors that the series had been canceled. But in March, Dennis revealed that season 4 was on the way — and that while he and the team had enough stories planned for eight seasons, this will be the last one made.

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Who voices the Corgi King in Infinity train?


Complete credited cast:
Ashley Johnson Tulip / Steward ( voice )
Ernie Hudson Atticus ( voice )
Jeremy Crutchley Glad-One ( voice )
Owen Dennis Sad-One / Corgi ( voice )

Is Mirror Tulip a boy or girl?

Lake (Infinity Train)

Lake / MT ( Mirror Tulip )
Nickname Chrome Girl (by Jesse Cosay) Sliver (by Mace and Sieve) Null (by Grace Monroe)
Species Cracked Reflection
Gender Female
Occupation Reflection (formerly)

How tall is tulip from Infinity train?

Tulip is 81 cm (32 inches) tall.

Is Book 4 the last season of Infinity train?

Book Four was formally revealed through HBO Max’s twitter on February 17, 2021. The Book Four trailer was revealed on Twitter by Entertainment Weekly on March 11, 2021. Here it was also confirmed that Book 4 will be the final season. Owen Dennis also revealed the season’s full title in a tweet.

Is Season 4 the last season of Infinity train?

The HBO Max animation’s fourth and final season once again focuses on a brand new set of main characters, and their adventures on the impossible, never- ending train that seems to help them deal with various emotional issues through outlandish adventures.

How old is grace from Infinity train?

Armed with a grave misunderstanding of the train’s function, eighteen-year- olds Grace and Simon lead a ragtag band of misfit kids known as the Apex, causing destruction and havoc throughout the train cars due to their belief that the denizens of the train are “less than human.”

Who created the Infinity train?

When it hits zero, a portal opens back to the ordinary, stationary world. Artistically and in tone, “Infinity Train,” created by Owen Dennis, has a lot in common with animated series like “Adventure Time,” combining psychedelic panoramas with absurdist throwaway jokes.

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Will there be a book 5 of Infinity train?

At the time of writing, there will not be a season 5 of Infinity Train with the recently released season marking the end of the series.

Is Infinity train on Amazon Prime?

Watch Infinity Train Season 1 | Prime Video.

Is Atticus dead Infinity train?

Atticus is a Cardigan Welsh Corginian Corgi who assisted Tulip in finding the door to the next room of the Infinity Train. After leading Tulip to the door, Atticus assisted in fighting the Steward and was flung towards a wall but was ultimately unharmed.

Why doesn’t tulip have a reflection?

Being a cracked reflection, she has developed her own personality that does not reflect the existence of Tulip. As a reflection, she needs to always be connected to a reflective surface, which Tulip is able to solve by using the metallic side of her Swiss army knife.

What do the numbers mean Infinity train?

The Numbers are a marking that every passenger of the Infinity Train possesses when on board. They act as a sort of counter, indicating how far a passenger is to being able to leave the Train.

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