Readers ask: How To Make A Felted Tulip?

How do you make felt flowers step by step?


  1. Cut the felt. Cut your 8×12 inch sheet of felt into four equal 2×12 inch strips.
  2. Fold and glue. Glue the two long sides of your 2 x 12 inch strip of felt together, forming a long tube.
  3. Cut the petals.
  4. Roll and glue.
  5. Add a leaf.
  6. Clean up your flower.
  7. OPTIONAL: Add a magnet.

What can I do with felted flowers?

One of my favorite things to make out of felt are dimensional flowers. You can hot glue them to a hair clip or headband for a quick and easy hair accessory, use as a gift topper, make a felt flower wreath, or just give them as is.

How do you needle felt a small flower?

Basically, you just stuff a cutter shape with loose roving or tops and then keep prodding and poking it with a felting needle until all the fibres felt and mesh together into a solid shape. Materials needed

  1. Wool tops, roving, sliver or shredded pure wool yarn.
  2. Felting needles.
  3. Thick foam or felting brush to felt on.

What is the best felt for flowers?

Our favorite is Benzie’s wool blend felt and it is made up of 20-35% merino wool with the remainder rayon (or viscose). Rayon and wool are both renewable sources! These two fibers work well together making a strong durable felt that is available in all colors of the rainbow.

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How do you shape felt flowers?

The simplest felt flowers are made by arranging petal shapes in a circle. You can make daisies, poinsettias, dandelions and many more this way. Simply choose a petal shape, rounded or pointy, narrow or wide, and cut it out in a variety of sizes. You want some of your petals to be long and some to be short.

How do you make big felt roses?

Let me tell you how.

  1. Cut out a large circle from felt.
  2. Draw a spiral shape starting from the center as in the picture below.
  3. Make petal shapes along the spiral lines ( inside).
  4. Start cutting it out.
  5. This is what you have.
  6. Start rolling the felt piece starting from the middle.
  7. Glue or stitch in place.

How do you make felt animals?

Use a fine, soft wool such as merino sheep wool. Felt thin layers of the wool to the body of your animal using a very fine 42 felting needle. Make sure the wool is aligned with the position of your animal to avoid a “striped” look. Felt it evenly and ensure all areas of the rough roving are adequately covered.

How do you add color to felt flowers?

Watercolors – If you want to achieve a soft color wash, watercolor may be applied to your felt in a diluted solution. The water can affect the texture of the felt, so experiment on some scraps of felt first. Acrylic Paint – I use acrylic paint for a few flowers.

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