Readers ask: How To Make A Tulip Carrot Wreath?

How do you make a tulip door wreath?


  1. Snip the large stems from each bush.
  2. Secure the ribbon to the wreath.
  3. Start wrapping the ribbon and tucking the tulips in as you go.
  4. Continue wrapping and tucking around the wreath.
  5. Finish off the wreath by wiggling your last few stems into the first few stems.
  6. Secure the ribbon and add a loop for hanging.

How many tulips do I need to make a tulip wreath?

To cover an 18-inch wreath, you’ll need about 20 bunches of mini tulips ($16, Amazon). We purchased our faux tulips, which came in pre-bundled bunches, at a crafts store.

How do I make carrot tulips?

What you’ll do:

  1. Cut the faux tulips from the original stem.
  2. Gather three flowers and wrap them together with wire.
  3. Add three flowers next, one tier up and secure with wire.
  4. Keep adding 4-5 flowers per tier.
  5. Fan flowers out to create width that guides it to look more like a carrot.
  6. Next, add your carrot top!

How do you make wooden carrots?

All you need to do is hot glue it to the top and then take another dab of hot glue for your greenery and insert it into the hole. Finally, take some decorative ribbon and tie it to your greenery. You’ll end up with some very cute little carrots that will make great bowl fillers!

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How do you make a tulip wreath with a wire frame?


  1. Start by hot gluing your ribbon around your wire wreath.
  2. Cut the end of the ribbon off and hot glue it to the back of the wreath.
  3. Stick your tulips underneath the ribbon and hot glue under the bundle.
  4. Count every 3 or 4 ribbon wraps and stick another bundle of tulips.

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