What Is A Tulip Patch Worth?

What is a fireplace worth on Animal Jam?

The Jamaaliday Fireplace is a members-only den item released for the Jamaalidays. It can be bought for 800 Gems at Jam Mart Furniture.

What are rare items in Animal Jam play wild?

Rare Items

  • Exotic Pet DNA Vial.
  • Rare Football.
  • Rare Ancient Dragon Wings.
  • Snowflake Boots.

What is rare postmaster hat worth?

Rare Item Monday

Date Released Place Price
January 15, 2018 Jam Mart Clothing 1,450 Gems

What is a rare Fez worth AJ?

Price. 450 Gems. 800 Gems ( Rare Item Monday)

Who is the rarest jammer on Animal Jam?

The rarest Jammers in the game are the hackers that buy unreleased items/color variants from shops that are not accessible to regular Jammers. Cannot get much rarer than having stuff that literally no other Jammers have.

What is moon dirt worth AJ?

Moon dirt was sold in the beta stage. Moon dirt is worth about 2 good den betas | Animal jam, Animal jam game, Funny games.

What is the rarest item in AJ?

Rarest items in animal jam

  • the alpha sword is a really super rare item.
  • black longs are a really rare item their worth their worth 4 good longs.
  • these long spikes are worth 1-17 but the orange and yellow spikes are worth 1-15.
  • wristbands are worth only 1-4 betas the orange and yellow ones are worth less betas because their a unrare color.
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What is the rarest clothing item in Animal Jam?

Animal Jam – (Rares) – Rhino Helmet This item comes in 8 colours: gray, white, black, pink, purple, green, yellow, and brown. The least rarest is the black one, and the rarest is the brown.

Where is the rare item Monday on Animal Jam play wild today?

The Rare Item Monday item is usually found in Epic Wonders, Jam Mart Clothing, or the Shiveer Shoppe.

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