What Was Tulip Singing In Infinity Train?

What happened to Tulip in Infinity train?

Tulip is a former passenger on the Infinity Train, searching for a way home with One-One and Atticus, until the Season One finale episode “The Engine,” where she returns back home after bidding her friends farewell.

How tall is tulip from Infinity train?

Tulip is 81 cm (32 inches) tall.

What is the purpose of the Infinity train?

Infinity Train is a Cartoon Network animated series created by Owen Dennis about a young girl named Tulip and her friends, One-One and Atticus, traversing through a seemingly infinite train with unlimited possibilities in order to find her way home.

What is infinity train based on?

Conception and influences. Prior to creating Infinity Train, Owen Dennis worked as a storyboard artist on Regular Show. Dennis conceived Infinity Train in 2010, originally as a film. He was inspired by “the feeling of waking up in an unsettling space” which he felt while on a return flight to the U.S. from China.

Is Mirror Tulip a boy or girl?

Lake (Infinity Train)

Lake / MT ( Mirror Tulip )
Nickname Chrome Girl (by Jesse Cosay) Sliver (by Mace and Sieve) Null (by Grace Monroe)
Species Cracked Reflection
Gender Female
Occupation Reflection (formerly)
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How old is Simon in Infinity train?

Simon boarded on the train when he was 10 years old, with his number relatively low in the fifties (assumedly with not much change).

Why doesn’t tulip have a reflection?

Being a cracked reflection, she has developed her own personality that does not reflect the existence of Tulip. As a reflection, she needs to always be connected to a reflective surface, which Tulip is able to solve by using the metallic side of her Swiss army knife.

What do the numbers mean Infinity train?

The Numbers are a marking that every passenger of the Infinity Train possesses when on board. They act as a sort of counter, indicating how far a passenger is to being able to leave the Train.

Will Infinity train come back?

Assuming that production on season 5 would follow a similar schedule, fans could see the series return as soon as December 2021. The problem is that, at the time of writing, there are no plans to continue Infinity Train for season 5, with confirmation that most of the staff have moved to other projects.

Why did Simon kill tuba?

Idiot Ball: Grace made clear in previous episodes that she intended to wean Hazel off her attachment to Tuba so they could separate the two without losing Hazel’s trust. Simon instead decides to murder Tuba and brag about it to Hazel, completely missing the point.

What is a null infinity train?

Grace tells Jesse that they consider Lake and the train’s inhabitants as “nulls”, a person who does not have a number and therefore isn’t a sentient being. They convince him to act recklessly which causes his number to slowly rise. Lake rescues Alan from the rest of Apex, but they decide to throw them off the train.

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Who created the Infinity train?

When it hits zero, a portal opens back to the ordinary, stationary world. Artistically and in tone, “Infinity Train,” created by Owen Dennis, has a lot in common with animated series like “Adventure Time,” combining psychedelic panoramas with absurdist throwaway jokes.

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