FAQ: How To Make A Wreath Out Of Paper Towel Tubes?

What can you make with paper towel tubes?

17 Ways to Reuse Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Rolls

  1. Lace Bracelets. Style Diaries.
  2. Tabletop Organizer. My Printly.
  3. DIY iPhone Speaker. BuzzFeed.
  4. Hanger Hack. One Good Thing.
  5. Cord Holders. Our Thrifty Ideas.
  6. Toilet Roll Organizer. Woman’s Day.
  7. DIY Knife Sheath. Instructables.
  8. Fire Starter. One Good Thing.

What do you do with empty toilet paper rolls for Christmas?

30 Christmas Crafts with Toilet Paper Rolls

  1. Cute Snow Owl Christmas Ornaments. Because Christmas is ‘Owlways’ fun.
  2. Alien Elves with Three Eyes.
  3. Creative Toilet Paper Roll Snowmen.
  4. Paper drums Ornament for Christmas tree.
  5. Toilet paper Christmas tree.
  6. Toilet Paper Tube Ornaments.
  7. Toilet Roll Christmas Caroller Craft.
  8. Toilet Paper Roll Gingerbread Man Craft.

How do you make a tissue paper wreath?


  1. Cut the tissue paper into 1 to 2 inch squares.
  2. Cut the center out of the paper plate to leave a round “donut” shape.
  3. Wrap each square of tissue paper over the top of a pencil, dip in glue and stick it to the paper plate.
  4. Continue until you have filled the entire plate with tissue to create your wreath.
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What can you make with paper towel rolls for kids?

Paper Towel Roll Crafts

  1. Create Pinterest Pin. DIY Desk Organizer.
  2. Create Pinterest Pin. Geometric Wall Art.
  3. Create Pinterest Pin. DIY Napkin Rings.
  4. Create Pinterest Pin. Polka Dot Paper Lanterns.
  5. Create Pinterest Pin. Heart Stamping.
  6. Create Pinterest Pin. Make a Rainstick.
  7. Create Pinterest Pin. Duct Tape Bracelets.
  8. Create Pinterest Pin. Fantastical Fortress.

What craft can you make with toilet paper rolls?

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Adults

  • Altered Paper Tube Decor.
  • Toilet Paper Roll DIY Rose Scented Sachets.
  • Decorative Seed Starter Gifts with Laminated Plant Markers.
  • Reversible Cardboard Roll Earrings.
  • iPhone Toilet Paper Roll Craft.
  • July 4th Party Poppers.
  • Paper Towel Jewelry and Earring Holder.
  • Pretty in Pink Party Poppers.

How do you make a Christmas tree out of toilet paper rolls?


  1. Start by putting the empty toilet paper roll over the childs fingers (this makes it more sturdy to paint on) let them dip their paint brush into the brown paint and cover the entire tube.
  2. Depending on age, you can have the child draw the outline of a Christmas tree and cut it themselves or have them pre-cut.

How do you make Santa out of toilet paper rolls?


  1. Paint the paper roll with the color of your choice for the face.
  2. Make the hat by cutting out a small circle (approx 3.5 inches wide) from red glitter paper.
  3. Glue the hat to the top of the paper roll.
  4. Stretch out some cotton balls and glue to the brim of the hat.
  5. Glue on the googly eyes and pom pom nose.
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How do you make reindeer out of toilet paper rolls?

How to make your Toilet Roll Reindeer:

  1. Paint the paper rolls brown. My three-year-old got enthusiastic and painted the inside too.
  2. Add a white tummy (optional) and leave to dry again.
  3. Cut down the roll for the head.
  4. Cut some holes for the sticks and poke the sticks through.
  5. Glue on googly eyes and nose.

How do you make a wreath with a wire hanger and tissue paper?

Easy DIY: Tissue Paper Wreath

  1. You’ll need: * a wire hanger.
  2. Cut strips of tissue paper into 8 inch strips. No need to be completely accurate with this step.
  3. Go all the way around. Once finished, fluff up the pieces to fill it out and trim any pieces that are too long.
  4. the hanger and then finish it off with a ribbon.
  5. Share:

How do you make a tissue paper flower?

Cut and Add Green Leaves Make a 2-inch fold in a piece of green cardstock or construction paper. Draw leaves on the folded edge. If you used 12-by-6-inch tissue paper for the flower, the leaves should be at least 4 inches long and about an inch at their widest point. Cut out the leaves.

What can I use as a wreath form?

Styrofoam Forms are great for any wreath you want to cover that will not hold weight on it’s own. It can be covered with fabric, yarn, and any other material. Using glue is a great way to connect items. Styrofoam is a good option for any wreaths you want to have strong base and the classic round shape.

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