Question: How To Hang Wreath In Tobacco Basket?

How do you hang a wreath on a tobacco basket?

Hang a wreath on it. Change it up a bit by flipping the basket on it’s side and hanging a wreath from the center. You can do so by take a piece of wire, looping it through and twisting it in the back. Then if you change up your mind later, you can always remove it.

How do you attach flowers to a tobacco basket?

Arrange the flowers as desired at the bottom right-hand corner of the tobacco basket, and affix them in place with hot glue. Nestle the pumpkins, pinecones and other seasonal elements within the flowers, and secure them with hot glue, as well. Wrap ribbon in and out around the entire perimeter of the basket.

What can I put in a tobacco basket on the wall?

I used hot glue to attach them to the inside of the tobacco baskets. I simply put a nail in my wall for each tobacco basket to hang on. I hung the hoop wreath on a nail too. I cut the purple flowers and put them in the white vase and put my bluebird in place.

What is a tobacco basket?

Tobacco baskets, once a common utilitarian product in the tobacco markets, have become a hot commodity as wall art in homes across the country. Baskets were used to take tobacco to market even then, but apparently once it reached the warehouse the tobacco was placed on the floor.

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Why is it called a tobacco basket?

The tobacco companies purchased the baskets, and their names were stenciled on the rims. There was an art to packing a tobacco basket so that it presented the tobacco well, and so that it stayed on the basket.

Does Hobby Lobby have tobacco baskets?

Distressed Brown Wood Tobacco Basket – Large | Hobby Lobby | 80921875.

Can you paint a tobacco basket?

I painted the round side of the basket with Cathedral Taupe Fusion Mineral Paint. I hung it on the wall using a clear thumb tack and that’s it, my repurposed tobacco basket pumpkin was finished! I love it, it’s simple, easy and inexpensive to make.

Where can I buy cheap farmhouse decor?

5 other home decor sites I shop:

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  • Walmart.
  • Hobby Lobby.
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How old are tobacco baskets?

Tobacco baskets were used primarily in North Carolina up until 1980 to store and show the tobacco product that was being sold at the market. If you are lucky enough to live in the south where you can find them, an authentic tobacco basket can be very expensive, usually over $100 and upwards the bigger they get.

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