Question: How To Make A Festive Wreath With Embroidery Hoops?

How do you make a modern hoop wreath?


  1. Step 1: Cut the leaves and flowers from your faux plants (if needed).
  2. Step 2: Arrange your greens on the hoop until you like the layout.
  3. Step 3: Snip off a piece of wire and use floral wire to attach your fern/greenery to the hoop.
  4. Step 4: Repeat Steps 2-3 again, using the secondary flowers or greenery.

What can I do with old embroidery hoops?

Wonderful DIY Wall Hanging With Embroidery Hoop

  1. Felt leaves and rope string hoop.
  2. Embroidery hoop craft supply pockets.
  3. Winter holiday woodland wreath.
  4. DIY faux succulent wreath.
  5. Embroidery hoop hanging planter.
  6. Felt and button embroidery hoop kids’ Valentine’s Day art.
  7. Embellished t-shirt and embroidery hoop dreamcatchers.

What is hoop art embroidery?

As an art form, hoop art is very new – traditionally, embroidery to be displayed on the wall would have been stretched and framed over a board or canvas, and the hoop was only used during the stitching. Embroidery hoops look fantastic displayed en masse across a wall – I’d love to do that one day.

What does a wreath symbolize at Christmas?

Together, the circular shape and the evergreen material make the wreath a representation of eternal life. It is also a representation of faith, as Christians in Europe often placed a candle on the wreath during Advent to symbolize the light that Jesus brought into the world.

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How do you make a Christmas wreath with real branches?

Start the wreath by taking a few different boughs of greenery and bunching them together at the base of the branch. Take the bundle, and place it against the wreath form. Use your floral wire to wrap around both the bundle and the form a few times, until it feels secure. Do NOT clip the wire when you are finished.

How do you balance a wreath?

Loop the line down around the wreath hanger. The wreath will hang a bit in front of the garage door rather than against it. In this case, don’t run fishing line or ribbon through the center of the wreath and up to the nail. Without a flush surface to rest against, the wreath will turn and appear out of balance.

How do you hang a wreath on a wreath without a hanger?

Hang with Ribbon Cut a 3-inch-wide satin or grosgrain ribbon long enough, when doubled, to hang your wreath at the desired height. Loop ribbon around the back of the wreath form. Join the ends, and fold them over 1/2 inch. Then, secure it to the top of door with thumbtacks.

How do you hang a hula hoop on a wreath?


  1. Start with a plain hula – hoop.
  2. Then spray the entire hula – hoop with pink spray paint.
  3. Wrap the spring garland around the hula – hoop, covering about the bottom third.
  4. Then add cherry blossom flowers.
  5. Display your new wreath and enjoy with your spring décor.

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